In the ever-evolving landscape of financial markets, OCBC Global Markets is set to lead the way with a dynamic focus on innovation, customer-centric solutions, and sustainable finance. The bank’s commitment to excellence extends to various aspects of the financial world, from digital penetration and corporate wealth to a strategic expansion into regulated markets in China, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

OCBC understands the importance of seamless execution clients seek. This is why the bank has a cutting-edge digital FX platform as an integrated feature on the bank’s existing business internet banking site, OCBC Velocity. With a simple single sign-on, clients located in any parts of the world will have access to a wide spectrum of business financial solutions, seamlessly integrating FX and treasury services. Its end-to-end integrated FX and Payment APIs enables clients to automate real-time FX booking, overseas remittance, and internal fund transfers. OCBC’s user-friendly FX Online interface is remarkably customer centric and truly sets the bank apart.

Innovations to Enhance Client Experience

OCBC Global Markets works closely with units across the bank offering clients bespoke hedging and investment solutions based on clients’ KPI, with current focus on sustainability themes, ensuring the financial strategies of its clients align with their values. The leading FX house is also committed to continuously improving the product value chain delivery across the bank. As an active participant in G7 currencies and major crosses, as well as a key market maker in Asian Currencies and Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs), the bank’s end-to-end approach ensures efficiency and effectiveness across various financial aspects, including data mining, research, structuring, distribution, market making execution, funding, collateral management, and risk capital management.

Unleashing Asian Wealth Opportunities and Prioritizing Sustainability

OCBC Singapore-Hong Kong hubs and cross-border capabilities also enables the bank to capture the rising wealth in Asia. The bank’s Global Markets unit is not only strategically positioned to support the growing ASEAN-Greater China trade and investment flows, but also creating opportunities in the various asset classes – Equity, Fixed Income, FX, and Rates. 

With the bank’s good credit rating and capital standing, OCBC attracts funds from Private Banks, Reserve Managers and Liquidity Managers alike. 

At OCBC, the bank understands decarbonization is a top priority for many corporates. That is why OCBC Global Markets supports the bank’s commitment to a greener future and is an active member of the Net Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA). In recent years, OCBC has assisted clients across various industries in their sustainability and decarbonization journeys. OCBC Global Markets was the first to offer an innovative Sustainability Linked Treasury product and carbon credits solution to its corporate client base.

Since signing up to the NZBA, in May 2023, OCBC announced its Net Zero targets for six sectors (Power, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Steel, Aviation and Shipping) to achieve Net Zero financed emissions by 2050. The targets are aligned to internationally recognised, science-based pathways geared towards achieving a net zero level of GHG emissions by 2050 to limit global warming to 1.5°C. This reaffirms the bank’s commitment to partner with clients towards a net zero ASEAN and Greater China through innovative transition financing solutions.

OCBC is the sustainability coordinator for a 2-year S$150 million sustainability-linked loan and cross currency swap launched in May 2023. This is OCBC’s first sustainability-linked derivative transaction with a Malaysian financial institution and will allow client to enjoy better rates upon meeting the agreed Sustainability Performance targets in two pre-agreed metrics.

OCBC also announced Singapore’s first green financing solution comprising a green loan and carbon credits with a Singapore listed company in June 2023. To help corporate and SME clients on their decarbonization journey, the bank has structured many Sustainability linked Interest Rate Swap and Cross Currency Swaps embedding client’s unique sustainability performance targets along with Voluntary Carbon Credits trade for retirement equivalent to the SME’s carbon emissions.

“These trades demonstrate OCBC’s proactive support for carbon transition and our deal making capabilities and is achievable due to strong collaboration within the bank. Sustainability has become a business imperative for many corporates and SMEs – we believe that transitioning their businesses to be compatible with a low-carbon economy will also be crucial for their longer-term business viability,” said Wee Wei Min, Global Head of Sales & Structuring at OCBC Global Markets.

Sharper, Faster Pricing for Better Value

As part of OCBC’s drive for greater pricing efficiency, OCBC plans to add up to 41 currencies by 1H2024. The bank has centralized risk management at the Singapore head office, providing treasury centers and subsidiaries access to electronic FX liquidity, resulting in sharper, faster pricing, and better value for its clients. OCBC also offers a wide range of hedging options, from Spot to Forward to FX Option’s execution capabilities.

Celebrated for operating at the top of its classes OCBC Global Markets receives several accolades of excellence and distinction from the industry – made possible with the tremendous partnership success with its various client segments.

Looking ahead to the future, OCBC remains committed to delivering innovative, efficient, and sustainable financial solutions, and is well-equipped to ensure the financial journey of Corporates, MNCs, FIs & SMEs across Asia remain seamless and rewarding.