Apart from print publishing, Alpha Southeast Asia (founded in 2007) has two sister companies:

Launched as a business division in 2015, NARRATIVE EDITORIAL, was spun off into an independent sister company of Alpha Southeast Asia in mid-2018. 

It all started when a leading mining company in Indonesia reached out to us seeking help with creating a fair media narrative on the company. Leveraging on our network of over 100+ former editors, journalists, bloggers and social media experts (some of whom are) based in Indonesia, we produced a series of bylined articles, whitepapers and social media feeds over an 18-month period to help our client towards that goal.

Soon afterwards, we found ourselves doing the same for a Fortune 500 Thai oil & gas company as well as a telecoms company in Vietnam, a leading online shopping platform in Indonesia and on a recurring basis, several government agencies in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

By combining research with superior prose, our network of 100+ writers covering banking, resources, pharmaceuticals, telecoms and technology are principally based across Asia, with a small handful in London and New York.


Launched in 2010, the events division remains a key business division of Alpha Southeast Asia. Over the last 16 years, we have organised numerous C-suite roundtables, seminars and large scale conferences across Southeast Asia.

In light of C19, we are now in the midst of fine-tuning our business model to include more webinars, while a small number of regional conferences & seminars are on hold.