The 11th Annual poll for calendar year 2021 concluded in July 2021. Please click here for the awards outcome or for a detailed version, please click here. The link includes the full list of winners over the last 11 years.

We have launched the 12th Annual poll and aim to announce the outcome by late June-July 2022. To request for a copy of the poll, email


We do not prompt our polling universe with company or individual names.

Investors are asked to name up to 3 companies (with no prompting of names by us) they feel had the Most Organised Investor Relations, Best Senior Management Investor Relations Support, Strongest Adherence to Corporate Governance, Most Consistent Dividend Policy and Best Strategic CSR.

Investors are also asked to name a single company that has the Best CFO, Best Annual Report and Most Improved Investor Relations as well asBest CFO in Southeast Asia and Strongest Commitment to Sustainable Energy in Southeast Asia

All respondents are also asked to name companies they felt had “Poor Management Access & Investor Relations as well as Unpredictable IR Strategy” with us elaborating this means investors had trouble accessing senior level management at a given company and/or companies that did not deliver on strategy and/or companies that were not clear with the dissemination of IR related information to investors or failed to deliver shareholder value over the last twelve-month or extended over the last five-year period.

All respondents are assured of confidentiality.


To ensure neutrality, this is purely driven by the respondents i.e., buy-side/sell-side investors and analysts, or our contact database of approximately 2000 investors/analysts.

Each year approximately 400-500 respondents take part in our poll.

Only responses by verifiable buyside and sell-side investors are accepted including investors and analysts at insurance companies, institutional funds, pension funds, funds of hedge funds, private banks, equity and fixed income brokers.

Corporates are not allowed to vote and neither are their representatives or PR agencies.


The poll is a purely editorial-driven effort and there is no cost or fees involved for participation during the polling process. No subscription or advertising is required and corporates are advised to refrain at all times from offering gifts, before, during or after the poll to any member of staff at Alpha Southeast Asia, as a corporate policy.

Leading CFOs from across Southeast Asia at an awards ceremony in 2020