The 11th Annual poll for calendar year 2021 concluded in July 2021. Please click here for the awards outcome. The link also details the list of winners for the last 11 years.

We plan to kickstart the 12th Annual poll in Feb 2022 and aim to announce the outcome by June-July 2022.

Meantime, please kindly note we do not prompt our polling universe with company or individual names. To ensure neutrality, this is purely driven by the respondents i.e., buy-side/sell-side investors and analysts, or our contact database of approximately 2000 investors/analysts.

Each year approximately 400-500 respondents take part in our poll.

For companies that wish to participate, please email your contact list of buy-side/sell-side investors and analysts, so that we can include your list of investors in our polling universe.

Stay safe. Stay well.